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Following the untimely death of his brother Luigi in 1584, Carlo Gesualdo, against his desires, becomes successor as the Prince of Venosa.   As customary the new prince will be required to take a wife and is soon married to Donna Maria D'Avalos, the beautiful daughter of the Prince of Montesarchio.  Carlo, while understanding that he is currently mediocre at best and has much yet to master as a composer, realizes that pursuing his life goal of music composition will now become difficult to achieve. But Carlo continues to spend much of his time  with his Cavarata Group artistic friends and fights a continuous battle between his passion for music and his duties as a prince and husband.  Donna Marie becoming  increasingly frustrated with her husband's absence and detatchment, eventually catches the eye of Fabrizio Carafa, a handsome friend of Carlo's. 

The attraction between Donna Marie and Fabrizio is ultimately too much for them to resist and a love affair ensues.  The couple is secretly observed by Carlo's uncle Alfonso who connivingly informs his nephew of the affair, and reminds him that to protect the family honor, such a betrayal as required by law is punishable by death. Carlo hurt and enraged, reluctantly agrees to setting a trap for the lovers resulting in a crime of passion ending the young lives of  his wife and her lover.

Months following, Carlo becomes severely depressed, withdrawn and increasingly filled with guilt for his participation in the murderous act.  His mental and emotional suffering only contributes to his struggle in having never been able to create any meaningful composition worthy of a life-long ambition.


Now existing in a lonely life isolated within his castle walls, Carlo is hauntingly visited one night by what appears to be the ghost of Donna Marie.  Unsure whether a dream or reality, Carlo emotionally repents for the pain, neglect and sadness he  caused Donna Marie.   In a final moment before her departure, Donna Marie forgives Carlo and grants him the peace he has desperately needed for years. 

Alone in his room and bewildered by what has just occurred, Carlo begins to feverishly write.  He creates a beautiful masterpiece and ponders whether his life-long ambition may finally have been attained, ultimately believing it has.  Still destined to live  a lonely, troubled life in his dark castle, he is able to move on for now .

. . A chilling drama about the love triangle between a man, his wife and his music.

. . . Captivating story and music

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